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Furious Frank (left to right):

• Joe Mroczek: drums
• Jay Stanek: vocals, mandolin, banjo and acoustic guitar
• Joe Schmidt: trombone & backing vocals
• Nate Niesen: trumpet and backing vocals
• Jason Taylor: bass guitar
• Bill Higgins: keyboards & backing vocals
• Mason Payne: electric and acoustic guitar and vocals
• Gregorio “Mandingo” Guadalupe: percussion and vocals


Furious Frank performs a high energy gypsy-carnival rock that is neither traditional nor nostalgic, but instead a fresh fusion of familiar styles re-imagined for listeners demanding something new. Dance rhythms, grinding guitar riffs and soaring horn leads somehow combine to create an incomparable but irresistible sound. Sharing the stage with The Wailers and Buckwheat Zydeco, regularly compared to Tom Waits, Gogol Bordello and Manu Chao, the band defies simple description. But rest assured, they are far from subtle.